Financial Performance Dashboard #REF error on loading


Some users with large amounts of transactions (>50,000) are affected by a Google Sheets related bug, which prevents certain sheets adding enough rows to contain the data automatically. The result of this is a dashboard that does not contain any transaction data, but still shows Balances for non-transaction related fields such as Cash On Hand.

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Identifying And Resolving The Issue

To see if you are affected, follow these steps.

  1. Open the sheet with the suffix (Dashboard) Transactions
  1. Hover your mouse over cell A4 - it should contain a #REF error with a message indicating that the “Result was not expanded automatically”. Note the number of rows required to be inserted
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  1. Scroll to the bottom of the sheet, until you see a footer that allows you to add rows. Use this to add the number of rows recommended in the error message
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  1. Wait for the sheet to recalculate - this can take 20-30 seconds as formulas refresh. Once transactions begin to populate in the sheet, the Dashboard should work as expected
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