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Last updated on December 15, 2021

What types of financing are available?

  • Invoice financing

→ Financing based on unpaid invoices from clients. Do not wait for collected overdue payments to have a positive cash inflow.

  • Revenue-based financing

→ Financing based on future projected revenue, a percentage of revenue will be used to repay the initial investment and the agreed interest.

  • Venture capital

→ Financing for companies that are expected to grow much faster than the average startup. A certain percentage of control is given up for the investment, but you can also receive additional support and network connections that come with the venture capitalist.


Using the Get financing flow


Using the Get Financing flow lets us know that you're interested in acquiring financing for your company.

This also means that by using this flow and applying for financing, gini can access and review your financial data and share it across with their investor network

This flow does NOT guarantee you will receive financing, it only means that we have been notified of your intent for financing and will review your finances.


To start the flow, go to the web app Dashboard, navigate to the "Get Financing".


Click "Apply for financing" To see a screen recording of the process, click here.

Notion image

If you have connected multiple Xero companies to the web app, you can select the company for which you'd like to apply for financing.


Click "Apply now" next to any company to begin

Notion image

Once you have clicked "Apply now", you will receive a notification (as shown below) and we will reach out to you shortly afterwards.

Notion image

Screen recording


Next steps

Now that you have signalled your interest in financing, there are a few more steps involved.


→ We evaluate the data and export it to our network of financiers.

→ If the financier wishes to invest, they will send you an email directly


That's it. It's that easy.

You will have to submit documentation if the financier wishes to invest in your organisation. Such documents may include (but are not limited to) a certificate of incorporation, updated business plan, business tax returns, business licences etc.
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