How to link gini to Google Data Studio

In order to leverage the power of Google Data Studio, we recommend using a connection method that leverages the native Google Sheet connector rather than a 3rd party connector.

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Create the Financial Report Dashboard

This dashboard contains a Google Sheet with data in an optimal format for GDS

To create the data required to power your GDS Dashboard, find the “Financial Performance Dashboard” flow in the gini webapp. Ensure you have connected the required apps - this flow requires at least one accounting app (either Xero or QuickBooks) and Google Sheets.

Then from the flow page, select the organisation you want to create the report for and click the “Create Report” button.

Once your flow is created, you will be able to find it in the “My flows” section of the dashboard. Click on the “Open flow” button to see the report in Google Sheets.

Link your GDS to your Google Sheet Data

We have created an intermediary sheet that contains all of the journals needed to power the dashboard. This is not designed to be edited by a user

To connect:

  1. Sign in to Google Data Studio.
  1. In the top left, click Create or start with a Blank Report
    1. Notion image
  1. Select Data Source.
  1. Select the Google Sheets connector.
  1. Select the gini spreadsheet you just created - named “gini - [Company Name] - Financial Performance Dashboard”
  1. Select the Worksheet with the suffix (Dashboard) Transactions
  1. Make sure that the option to “Use first row as headers” is enabled, and type in A4:K as the Optional Range
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  1. Connect the data source
  1. Create your GDS report
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