Navigating gini

Navigating through gini is simple and straightforward. Our features all work together to give you one place to easily automate your financial workflows.



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This is the “Dashboard” page that you will see once you sign in to gini. This is where you can create flows, including reports and models like the Cash Flow Forecast Model. You will be able to see a list of available flows, as well as a list “My flows” once you start creating flows.

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If you’d rather use templates, which do not require connecting an accounting app (but does not have auto-sync capabilities), just click the “Templates” link to view our growing catalog of manual templates.



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To start creating flows, you first need to connect your apps with gini in the “Apps” page. Connecting accounting apps like Xero or QuickBooks allows you to create reports and models and automate your financial workflows.

You can also connect your apps in other areas of the gini webapp, but the “Apps” page is your where you can connect, disconnect, and manage all your apps at once.

- Click here to learn how to connect your QuickBooks account.

- Click here to learn how to connect your Xero account.

- Click here to learn how to connect your Google Sheets account.


Account Settings

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You can find your account/user information in the “Account Settings” page. Here you will find information about your gini account, as well as information about your trial or subscription status.


View our Help Centre

If you have any questions, you can navigate to this Help Centre. Or if you have not been able to find an answer, you can contact us at

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