Subscription Management Model


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The Subscription Management Model flow is a simple tool that you can use to stay on top of your recurring subscription fees and expenses. The model imports your Xero/QuickBooks data and gives you the ability to easily add, remove, or update all your subscriptions in a Google Sheet.

With this flow you will be able to:

  • Keep track of all your subscription fees
  • Visualize the distribution of your subscriptions charts and timelines
  • Breakdown your subscriptions based on departments or teams that you specify

Included Sheets

Subscription Inputs

The Subscription Inputs sheet is where you will be able to add, delete, and manage your individual subscriptions by filling in the required details highlighted in blue. This includes:

  • Department/Team input to help you breakdown your subscription fees by cost-centers
  • Subscription Type for monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription cycles
  • Subscription start and end dates
  • An dynamic subscription status indicator
  • A Suggested Subscription Fee that is based on your historical spending, which can be overridden by editing the “Subscription Fee” input field
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To add a new subscription, select an “Account” from the dropdown on a new blank row. Selecting an account will make a list of contacts available in the “Contact*” dropdown menu. Then, you can simply fill in the remaining details of the subscription to start tracking it using this model.

Subscription Overview

The Subscription Overview is where you will be able to see an overview of your subscription fees.

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Use this sheet to keep track of your subscription expenses month-to-month. You can also use the “Department” filter to filter your subscription fees based on departments or teams to compare spending.


Creating the model

To create the model, find the “Subscription Management Model” flow in the gini webapp. Ensure you have connected the required apps - this flow requires at least one accounting app (either Xero or QuickBooks) and Google Sheets.

Then from the flow page, select the organisation you want to create the model for and click the “Create Model” button.

Once your flow is created, you will be able to find it in the “My flows” section of the dashboard. Click on the “Open flow” button to see the model in Google Sheets.



Can I make edits to this model?

This model has many complex interdependencies between its sheets. Rearranging sections, moving cells, and adding new rows or columns can easily break the model.

We recommend only making edits to the cells designed to be changed based on your input, which include:

  • Input cells indicated by blue text
  • Dropdown cells
  • Expandable sections indicated by the blue ◄ icon or the “+” icon

If you are looking for additional functionality on this model, please reach out to us at for feature suggestions.

Can I make copies of this model?

While you can make copies of the model to a new spreadsheet by using Google Sheet’s copy spreadsheet or copy sheets features, the newly generated copy will not sync with subsequent updates from your accounting app. Only the original model sheets in your gini spreadsheet will sync with your accounting app.

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